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Laughing Squid - Lacuna, A Public Art Installation and Free Library Made From 50,000 Books Greg Surh 0
East Bay Express - Berkeley's Living Library Greg Surh 0
Curbed - This Temporary Tent in Berkeley is Literally Made of Books Greg Surh 0
Mentalfloss - A Free Library Made Out of Books Could Be Coming to the Bay Area Greg Surh 0
Adweek - Library Made of Books Will be Built at Bay Area Book Festival Greg Surh 0
CityLab - The Bay Area Plans a Free Library Built out of Books Greg Surh 0
Good - This Pop-Up Library Will Be Built Entirely of Books Greg Surh 0
Modern Luxury - Berkeley Hosts the World's Most Public Library Greg Surh 0
SF Gate - A bubbly toast to latest entry in Bay Area book festival scene Greg Surh 0
Berkeleyside - First Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley a soaring success Greg Surh 0
EFF - Hundreds of Tech Companies to Congress: TPP and Fast Track Harms Digital Innovation and Users' Rights Greg Surh 0
Psychology Today - Turning Back Time Greg Surh 0
Wired - Area Man: 'Yes, I Want Your Goddamn AOL CDs' Greg Surh 0
MotherJones - This Is Actually the First Tweet @POTUS Ever Sent, Back in 2008 Greg Surh 0
AtariPodcast - ANTIC Interview 45 - Jason Scott, Internet Archive Greg Surh 0
VgChartz - Ctrl + Alt + Deleting History - P.T. & Beyond - Article Greg Surh 0
TechTimes - Game Over: Twitter Kills MS-DOS Game Embeds Of Classic Video Games Greg Surh 0
Weburbanist - Big Free Library: Public Pavilion Built of 50,000 Stacked Books Greg Surh 0
Gizmodo - The Internet Archive Has Grown Up With A Gorgeous New Design Greg Surh 0
Eschoolnews - Oregon Trail and the true value of immersive gaming in the classroom Greg Surh 0
Joplin Globe - Internet Archive's digital collection is impressive Mary Bishop 0
Tech Radar - Embeddable video game tweets have become your new time suck Mary Bishop 0
CNet - How to embed playable MS-DOS games in your tweets Mary Bishop 0
Tech Dirt - San Franciscans: Please Join Carl Malamud's Campaign To Help Free Up Court Documents Mary Bishop 0
East Bay Express - Berkeley's Living Library Mary Bishop 0
California Magazine - Anarchist's Archive Gets Temporary Reprieve: Donors Buy Time for Emma Goldman Project Mary Bishop 0
Technically Philly - This Philly dev just made jam band fans very happy Mary Bishop 0
Motherboard - Gone in a Flash: The Race to Save the Internet's Least Favorite Tool Mary Bishop 0
FMA - Radio Free Culture #45: Two Copies of Every Record: The Archive of Contemporary Music with Bob George Mary Bishop 0
IGN - ESA Says Preserving Old Games is Illegal Because it's 'Hacking' Mary Bishop 0
EFF - Videogame Publishers: No Preserving Abandoned Games, Even for Museums and Archives, Because All "Hacking" is Illegal Mary Bishop 0
The New Yorker - Can the Internet be archived? Mary Bishop 0
KALW - In an old church, the Internet Archive stores our digital history Mary Bishop 0
National Library of NZ - Limited access to some knowledge Mary Bishop 0
The Awl - All My Blogs Are Dead Mary Bishop 0
Motherboard - Saving Human Knowledge at 800 Pages an Hour Mary Bishop 0
CBS SF - FCC Votes In Favor Of Net Neutrality; Internet Activists Declare Victory Mary Bishop 0
Tech Crunch - How Game Historians Are Keeping Your Favorite Bits From Being Lost Forever Mary Bishop 0
ABC 2 News - 'SimCity' game studio Maxis shuts down Mary Bishop 0
Game Politics - Internet Archive Urges Game Developers To Save Their Work For History Mary Bishop 0
Gamasutra - Saving video game history begins right now Mary Bishop 0
IGN - Historian Tells Developers to "Steal From Work" Mary Bishop 0
Polygon - The future of games history is workplace theft Mary Bishop 0
Gizmodo - Relive the Internet of the 1990s in 6 Gifs Mary Bishop 0
The Verge - Why are we trying to create Ready Player One's terrifying, nostalgia-fueled dystopia? Mary Bishop 0
ReadWrite - Keeping The Internet's Past Alive - And "Boring As Hell" (In A Good Way) Mary Bishop 0
Spokesman - This week's free game: 'Bust a Move' Mary Bishop 0
The - It's now 30 years since the first '.com' website. My, how things have changed... Mary Bishop 0
Boing Boing - We have a memory problem Mary Bishop 0
LA Times - SXSW: Ernest Cline, Intellivision forebears talk impact of early games Mary Bishop 0
RichmondSF Blog - Internet Archive addresses housing crisis with “Foundation Housing” project Mary Bishop 0
CJR - No surprise: Campaign ads dominate issues coverage on local news, study finds Mary Bishop 0
USA Today - Rieder: Political ads overwhelm news on local TV Mary Bishop 0
Bloomberg - Study: Political Ads Dwarfed News Stories About Actual Political Issues in 2014 Mary Bishop 0
Washington Post - There were 45 times more political ads than political news stories in Philadelphia during the 2014 election Mary Bishop 0
SFist - Non-Profit Internet Archive Buying Buildings In Bid To Save Affordable Housing For Employees Mary Bishop 0
CFileOnline - Art | Nula Creed Sculpts Army of Internet Archivists Mary Bishop 0
Poynter - Today in Media History: Journalists used 1997 website to reconstruct story of Heaven’s Gate mass suicide Mary Bishop 0
BerkeleySide - At first Bay Area Book Festival, a temple made of books Mary Bishop 0
NYU Website - NYU Libraries to Team with Internet Archive to Preserve High Quality Musical Content on the Web Mary Bishop 0
L'Obs - Steve Jobs, Wikipédia, Snowden : des statues en hommage à Internet Mary Bishop 0
The Examiner (Texas) - Internet Archive takes over where Google left off Mary Bishop 0
The Atlantic - The Bay Area Plans a Free Library Built out of Books Greg Surh 0
Mace and Crown - Archive What I See Now Mary Bishop 0
Mace and Crown - Brewster Kahle and the Challenges of Archiving the Internet Mary Bishop 0

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